5 Fun Games For Your Kid’s Birthday Party

BY Ritu Shah

14 May 2024

Planning a birthday party for your kid can become quite hectic. You have to take care of multiple things like the birthday theme, cake, party dress for your little one, and inviting guests. In all the flurry of activities, do not forget to plan games for your kid’s little friends. 

We have put down a list of 5 fun games that are not only popular but also enjoyed by kids.


5 Fun Birthday Party Games

Musical Chairs

Things Required - Chairs | Music

It is a classic game popular among all age groups. You can host this game with any number of kids provided there are sufficient chairs.

  • Set up one chair less than the number of children playing, in a straight line or a circle.
  • Start the music and ask the children to walk around the chair.
  • When the music stops, everyone has to try to sit on a chair.
  • The one left standing is out from the game.
  • Take away one chair and repeat this till only one child is left.
  • The last child is the winner.

Pass the Parcel

Things Required - An inexpensive prize item | Wrapping sheets | Music

This is another hit game with kids. The prize item(parcel) needs to be wrapped in many layers. You can use newspaper or any recycled paper to wrap the gift.

  • Ask the kids to sit in a circular formation.
  • They have to pass the wrapped item among themselves when the music plays.
  • When the music stops, the kid with the parcel unwraps the top layer.
  • The game continues till a child wraps the last layer. They win the item.

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Treasure Hunt

Things Required - An item that will be the treasure | Candies or inexpensive stationery items | Clues written on paper

A treasure hunt can be straightforward or very complicated. The level of difficulty should be as per the age and abilities of the participating kids.

  • Set up a treasure hunt in a room or the garden.
  • Place clues around the playing area (under cushions or stuck on doors, windows, branches etc.). The clues should be easily accessible.
  • Candies or stationery items should be dispersed around the play area. Whoever finds them can keep them.
  • The participants need to read the clues and find the hidden treasure.
  • You can also make teams of two or more depending on the number of kids and level of difficulty involved.
  • The kid or the team that finds the hidden treasure is the winner.

Balloon Relay Race

This is a team game and needs a minimum of two players in a team. Since the balloons will pop, fill in normal air and not helium.

  • Divide the kids into a team of two or four.
  • The team members have to stand on either side of the playing area.
  • The 1st team member has to run to the other side. The player has to keep the balloon between his knees and hop.
  • If there are 4 players, two can be on one side and have to travel across with the balloon between their backs or heads.
  • On reaching the other side, the 2nd member has to come back doing the same thing as the 1st player.
  • Whoever reaches the finish line first is the winning team.

Things Required - Balloons (non-helium ones)


Prize Walk

Things Required - Numbers written on big pieces of paper | Numbers written on small chits | Music |Small wrapped prizes

Prize walk can be played with smaller kids who can recognise numbers. It is a fun game where everyone gets something.

  • Write numbers on big pieces of paper and stick them on the floor within a circle.
  • Place the number chits in a box or a basket.
  • Kids have to move around dancing when the music plays.
  • When the music stops, each kid has to stand on a number on the floor.
  • Pick up a numbered chit from the basket. The kid standing on that particular number will be given a prize.
  • Repeat the game till all the numbers are over.


Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Birthday Game

You can make games much more fun for the kids and free from hassles for you if you keep in mind these points:

  • Age of the participants - consider the average age of the participating kids. If most of them are younger, the games can be simple. The difficulty level can be increased if they are pre-teens or early teens. Teenagers can have much more complex games.
  • Limited mind games - While crosswords and puzzle-based games can be fun, limit the mental involvement. Instead, opt for light-hearted fun activities that everyone can participate in and run around.
  • Gift for every kid - ensure that each kid gets a gift by the time the games are over. This will make all the kids happy and satisfied. The gifts can be inexpensive like stationery items, candies, or small return gifts. If your budget allows it, you can also gift a small item to every kid who gets out of a game.
  • Games with short duration - Keep the games short otherwise the little ones will be bored and feel restless.
  • Gender-neutral - If you have a mixed crowd, avoid playing a gender-specific game like Dressing Up as a Princess or Cinderella. Modify the games to include all kids that are present.
  • Plan Ahead - For a flawless execution, you must plan in advance. Write down broad points and a list of things you need. Arrange for them before starting the games. 


With some fun party games, you will be able to engage and entertain every kid. The games are simple to hold and easy for the kids to participate in. Remember, the main objective is for your kid and their friends to have a gala time. Your kid will be extremely happy when their birthday party becomes full of fun and joy.