Winter skin & hair care tips

BY Rashmi Jalan

11 Dec 2019

Cold and dry outdoor air robs the skin of its natural moisture in winter. But worry not! These winter care tips will help you take better care of your child's skin & hair:

1. Moisturize your child's dry skin with Cocomo Moisturizer. It soothes and hydrates dry skin effectively. So enjoy the winters and bid good-bye to dry, flaky skin!

2. For dry & chapped lips, apply pure edible coconut oil on your child's lips and leave it overnight.

3. Drinking enough water is the easiest way to keep your child's skin hydrated & glowing in this dry weather.

4. Use a sulfate-free soap/body wash as sulfates strip out the moisture from the skin, making it dry.

5. The cold weather dries out your child's hair. Nourish & moisturize your child's hair & scalp with Cocomo's 12 in 1 natural 6. Avoid frequent hair wash during winters as frequent wash makes the hair drier. Washing hair twice a week is enough.