Encouraging Hobby Development in Kid

BY Ritu Shah

12 Apr 2023

Hobbies are an important aspect of childhood development, providing a way for children to express themselves, learn new skills, and build confidence. Encouraging your kids to start any hobby is a great way to help them lead a fulfilling life.

Benefits of Hobbies for Kids

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There are many benefits that children get when being involved in the pursuit of their interests. Some of the key ones include:

  1. Improved creativity and imagination: Engaging in hobbies allows kids to express their ideas and creativity in new and imaginative ways.
  2. Enhanced problem-solving skills: By taking on challenges in their hobbies, they can develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  3. Increased self-esteem and confidence: Hobbies can help children develop a sense of accomplishment and boost their confidence.
  4. Better mental and physical health: Engaging in hobbies can reduce stress and improve overall well-being by providing a healthy outlet for emotions and energy.
  5. Improved social skills: Participating in group activities or sharing hobbies with others can help kids develop social skills and make new friends.
  6. A chance to explore different interests and potential career paths: Trying out different hobbies can help children discover their passions and what they may want to pursue in the future.


Hobbies Your Kids Can Explore

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Some of the common hobbies that children should explore are:

  • Creative - Painting, Pottery, Knitting, Origami, Writing, Tapestry, Comic Book Art, Sketching & Drawing
  • Sports - Running, Cycling, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Cricket. Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Tennis, Badminton, Swimming
  • Nature Related - Gardening, Hiking, Pet Care, Organic Farming, Bird Watching
  • Performance Based - Singing, Dancing, Musical Instrument, Dramatics, Puppet Show, Magic
  • Others - Reading, Photography, Computer Coding, Cooking, Conducting Science Experiments, Collecting (coins, stamps, cards, sea shells, rocks)


Tips to Motivate Hobby Development in Your Kids

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As parents, you need to motivate your kids to follow their passions. Here are some tips for you to provide them with the right push.

  • Provide Opportunities: Offer your children a variety of opportunities to explore new hobbies, whether it be signing them up for a sports team or art class, or taking them to the library to check out books on different hobbies. The more options they have, the more likely they will find something they enjoy.
  • Support Their Interests: When your child shows an interest in a particular activity, support their interest by providing the resources and materials they need to pursue it. This could mean buying them art supplies, musical instruments, or sporting equipment, or simply spending time with them as they engage in their pastime.
  • Encourage Creative Thinking: Hobbies allow children to use their imaginations and think creatively. Encourage this by allowing your child to take the lead and express their ideas, rather than dictating what they should do.
  • Make it Fun: Children are more likely to stick with a hobby if they find it enjoyable. Make sure your child is having fun by creating a relaxed, supportive environment for them to pursue their interests.
  • Teach Them the Value of Practice: Hobbies require practice and dedication to improve, so teach your child the value of perseverance and hard work. Encourage them to set achievable goals and to stick with their hobby, even when they face challenges.
  • Show an Interest: Show your child that you value their hobbies by asking them questions and showing an interest in what they are doing. This can build their confidence and encourage them to pursue their interests even further.
  • Lead by Example: Children often model their behaviour on what they see from those around them. If you engage in hobbies yourself, you can show your child that hobbies are a fun and vital part of life.


Encouraging hobby development in kids is a great way to help them develop new skills, build confidence, and lead a well-rounded life. By providing opportunities, supporting their interests, and making it fun, you can help your child find hobbies they love and will enjoy for years.