Pool Time with the Kids - Packing List of Essential Items

Pool Time with the Kids - Packing List of Essential Items


The summer season is here with its blazing hot sun and humid weather. It's also a season when kids love to splash in cool water and play around. 

To beat the oppressive heat, you can plan to spend a fun time at the poolside with your kids. You can also invite their friends and family for a splash pool party.

If you are on summer vacation, plan poolside time in the hotel where you are staying. The kids will love the activity.

We have collated the essential poolside items that you should carry if your kids are accompanying you. Checking against this list will ensure that you are not missing anything important!



Getting in the water in your regular clothes is not advised. It is also not allowed in hotel pools or club pools. It is because regular clothes absorb water and get heavy. They create a drag preventing proper movement in the water. 

There are many different kinds of swimming costumes available for kids. These might have full coverage or partial coverage. The swimsuit should be well fitted and not slip off.

The swimming costume also includes swimming goggles and swimming caps. Pool water usually has chlorine in it. Swimming goggles and caps help in keeping water out of the eyes, ears, and hair. 



Kids get exposed to the harsh sun while being in the water. Pack sunscreen for them and apply a thick layer on the face, neck, ears, and any other exposed part of the body. It protects from sunburns, tanning, and skin irritation. 

Avoid using your adult sunscreen on the kids. Always use sunscreen made for kids. They contain elements that are suitable for their skin. In the Cocomo Sunscreen, we have added natural sun-blocking elements that also keep the moisture locked in. It is created keeping in mind the needs and suitability of a kid’s skin.


Pool Floats

Pool floats or floaties are inflatable devices that the children use to play in the pools. These come in a variety of designs. They include arm floats, chest floats, and swim vests. 

It is advised to use these when kids are in the pool. They help in keeping the kids upright and staying afloat. However, never leave your kids out of sight even with these floaties.

Hats and Sunglasses

Carry hats to cover the head from sun and heat. Sunglasses protect the eyes from the glaring sun. These come in handy when they are playing or just relaxing by the side of the pool.


Towels are absolute necessity items. You need them to dry the kids once they are out of the water. In most pools, you will also get to bathe after you get out of the water. Even though hotel pools provide towels, it is best to carry your own if you can. In any case, do not share towels with someone else.

Change of Dry Clothes

Wearing wet clothes for a long time can make your child sick. Once the kids finish playing in the water, change them into dry and clean clothes including underwear.

Water bottle

Playing in the water is a form of workout. Kids will get dehydrated with all the activity. Carry a water bottle, and make them drink at regular intervals.


With all the fun and frolic, your kids will get hungry. It is always good to carry snacks such as a sandwich, juice, fruits, or even some cookies. Try to pack snacks or food that is non-messy. However, avoid soft drinks and chips. 

Sanitizers and Wipes

The kids will be touching many items and dirty surfaces at the poolside. Always carry sanitizers and wipes. Use them to sanitize your kids' hands, especially before they eat or drink something.

Swim bag

A swim bag makes carrying things easy and manageable. Choose a lightweight and waterproof bag. Also, keep a plastic bag to store the wet clothes. 

Kids love to spend time in the water, especially in the hot summer. Pool time is also a great time to bond with your kids and unwind. They will have lots of fun whereas you will cherish these moments.

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