Tips for Traveling with Kids!

BY Rashmi Jalan

12 Oct 2019

Here are some tips to make things easier when you travel with kids:

1. Explain the Trip. If there are too many new things going on, kids tend to get uncomfortable. Thus, introducing kids to the trip ahead of time is very important. Discuss the itinerary with them. They will know what to expect next, and as a result, will be more comfortable with what’s going on around them.

2. Always have snacks available for your kids! You never know when the time between meals will get extended.

3. Ask for Child Discounts - It can really save you a lot of money every time you travel.

4. Give kids your contact information and add your contact card in your child's pocket for emergencies. Even the most vigilant parent can lose track of children. If your children are prone to wandering off, consider using a small GPS tracker and put it in their pocket or bag. Help older kids memorize your phone number & hotel address.

5. Travel with basic medicines.

6. Choose your seats wisely. Sitting at the very end of the airplane does mean you’ll disturb fewer people. Also, the toilets will be closer to you.

7. If you're flying, get earbuds for your child to relieve them from ear pain.

8. Give them a camera. It encourages them to observe their surroundings and focus on what interests them.

9. In-flight entertainment. Download some good music, games or stories for them to read and relax while flying.

10. Don't hotel hop when traveling with kids. There’s a whole lot more to pack and unpack every time you move with kids.

11. Don't forget to pack your child's travel sized toiletries. Cocomo Travel Pack is a perfect travel companion for your kids. No need to worry about their skin and hair care needs on the go, with Cocomo!

Cocomo travel gift pack for children
12. Do not forget to carry hand-sanitizer, wipes and some candies (if they feel nauseated while traveling)


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