7 Ways to Reduce Body Odour In Your Teenage Kids

BY Rashmi Jalan

20 Jun 2022

Body odour is a very common problem that teens face, especially with the onset of puberty. Even though it is quite normal, body odour can impact the self-esteem and confidence of a teenager. In this article, we tell you about 7 ways you can help your teen kids reduce body odour problems effectively. But first, let us understand why teens have strong body odour.

Why do Teens have Strong Body Odour?

Sweating is normal for everybody, and many people have body odour issues. However, with tweens and teens, it is a new phenomenon. Puberty brings many changes. One of them is increased sweating. Sweating is a major reason for body odour, although there are other factors as well.

Hormonal Changes - There is an increase in hormones during puberty. It increases moisture produced by sweat glands. The teens also start to sweat from new areas like feet, underarms and groin area. The sweat is odorless, but the bacteria on the skin surface breaks down the sweaty oils to emit a pungent smell.

Poor Hygiene - Lack of proper hygiene like not taking bath daily and changing clothes contribute to body odour. 

Food choices - Teens often indulge in eating junk food and street food. The food that they eat not only impacts body odour but also results in smelly breath. Some common foods that have strong smells may also add to the odour released from their bodies. 

Medical Issues - In a few cases, body odour can also be caused due to underlying medical issues such as fish odour syndrome or ailments related to kidney, liver, diabetes, or inflammation of organs.


7 Ways to Control Body Odour in Teen Kids

Teenage kids go through many physical changes. Body odour is one of the main changes. We have put together 7 ways that help teens to reduce and control strong body odour.

Daily Bath

Proper hygiene is key to reducing odour coming from the body. Teens should take a bath daily. If they play sports, then a quick shower is necessary after the activity. Cleaning of underarms and groin area is also essential. Use antibacterial soap while bathing.


Clean Clothes

Sweat, germs, and bacteria get deposited on the clothes that teens wear. They must wear clean and dry clothes. They should change when they come back from school or after their sporting activity. 

Underwear covers private parts of the body and absorbs sweat. Sweat and dirty underwear can lead to fungal and bacterial infections in the groin area. Therefore, it is very important that they also change into clean and dry underwear. Do not let them wear underwear for more than a day.


Wear Deodorant

Deodorants are a great way to keep body odour at bay. They help to combat the bacteria that work on the oily sweat to produce a nasty smell. But ensure that your tweens and teens use age-appropriate deodorants only. Products designed for adults are not at all suitable for them.

It is absolutely fine for your teen to apply deodorant more than once a day. They can use it before any sporting or physical activity and before going out with friends or for any outdoor activity. 

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Clean Feet

Some kids suffer from smelly feet. Ask your kid to wash their feet properly during bath and dry them properly. Even though wearing sneakers without socks is a teen fashion, encourage them to wear socks. You can buy ankle length socks with trendy designs and colours. Ensure to buy 100% cotton socks. It is also necessary to clean the shoes from time to time. The shoes can be washed or deodorized.


Avoid Certain Foods

Some foods with a strong smell may lend a bad odour as well. Onions, garlic, fish, and red meat can increase body odour in some people. If your teen is suffering from body odour despite practicing good hygiene and wearing deodorant, limiting the intake of these foods might reduce body odour.


Drink Water

Drinking the required amount of water is important for good health and hygiene. Being hydrated also keeps the skin healthy from within. Water flushes out toxins from the body. This helps in reducing bad odour.


See a Doctor

Sometimes body odour is caused by a medical condition and not hygiene issues. There are some genetic metabolism diseases also known as fish odour syndrome that might lead to a pungent smell from the body. Other diseases related to kidney, liver, or diabetes can also cause distinctive body odours. In that case, seek medical help from a doctor. You should especially consult a doctor if your kid has excessive body odour before the onset of puberty or age 8.


The problem of body odour in a tween or a teen can be stressful for the kids and parents as well. It is not simply a hygiene issue. Teens are very conscious of their body, and appearance, and seek peer validation. Body odour can cause low self-esteem and even lead to bullying sometimes. 

Body odour, in most cases, can be managed easily. It is necessary that you impress upon your teenage kid to follow proper hygiene, keep the body clean, use deodorants, and wear clean clothes and footwear. These will help them in tackling the problem of body odour effectively.