Summer Hygiene Your Kids Should Follow

BY Ritu Shah

25 May 2022

Keeping kids clean and germ-free is one of the biggest tasks for a parent. With the hot summers already here, hygiene becomes a top priority. Personal grooming and hygiene habits should be introduced to the kids from an early age. Even if they do not understand its importance. 

Here are some important hygiene habits that you should make your kids follow. 

Hand Hygiene

With covid becoming a part of life, hand washing has become a necessary habit. There has been a renewed emphasis on clean hands. There is a strong reason for it. Washing hands significantly lowers the rate of children falling sick. Putting dirty hands in the mouth is one of the top reasons for infections and stomach aches.


It is essential that your kids wash their hands every time before eating or coming in contact with germ-ridden surroundings. You should emphasize that they should have clean hands, especially in following the instances:

  • Before eating food. It reduces the amount of dirt and germs getting inside the mouth and body.
  • After going to the toilet. Teach them to always wash with a hand wash for thorough cleaning.
  • After sneezing or coughing. Kids must wash or sanitise their hands if they have sneezed or coughed in their hands. It is important to prevent the spreading of viral infections.
  • After touching an animal. Pets have dirt, germs, and hair which transfers to the hands after touching. Hence, they should wash their hands immediately.
  • When around someone who is sick. 
  • After coming from outside like school, park, or market.

After Covid, it is not sufficient anymore to wash hands with only water. However regular hand washing with soap or hand wash can make the palms dry and rough. It is better to use a kid-friendly, safe, and chemical-free hand wash. You can try our Cocomo handwash for kids which has moisturizing properties to take care of the hands.


Foot Hygiene

Kids run around a lot. And while face and hands get a lot of attention, foot hygiene is usually ignored. Even if they wore socks and closed shoes, germs and sweat get attached to them. They need to wash their feet when they come from outside. It also cools down the body. Moisturize their feet after washing.


Body Odour

The summer season means lots of sweating. And body odour can become a big issue. Especially for the kids who are undergoing puberty changes. With these easy steps, you can easily tackle odour problems

  • A daily bath during summer is essential. It not only cleans dirt and pollution but also helps in refreshing the body. The underarms, feet, and private parts should be properly cleaned. Using a good quality body wash will help retain the freshness
  • Deodorant is an effective way to tackle body odour for teens. However, be sure to use age-appropriate products. Adult deodorants are not suitable to be used on a child’s skin. You can also try Cocomo Deodorants, which are teen-friendly and made specifically keeping this age group in mind.
  • Make them wear light cotton or moisture-wicking clothes. These absorb sweat and are breathable.
  • Change underwear and socks regularly. This will help in keeping these body parts dry and odour free.

Prickly Heat

Despite taking every precaution, the intense heat and humidity can result in prickly heat or heat rash. If your child is suffering from it, you can follow the following steps to ensure that they are comfortable:

  • Make them wear loose-fitting clothes that do not rub against the skin causing discomfort and itching
  • You can give them a cool bath or apply a cool compress to the affected area
  • Keep them indoors so that it does not aggravate
  • Keep them hydrated

If you want to use medicated talcum powder, calamine lotion, or a herbal preparation for prickly heat, do consult your pediatrician once. Your kid’s skin might be sensitive to these. In case your kid runs a fever or the rash doesn’t get over in 3-4 days, consult your child’s doctor.



Hair in summer also becomes sweaty. If the kids have short hair, it can be washed daily while taking a bath. However, shampooing is advised twice a week. If they are stepping out in the sun, make sure to cover their heads with either a cap, hat, or a bandana. If the kids have long hair, keep them tied neatly in a pony or plaits.

Nail Hygiene

Nails collect a lot of dirt under them. Even if the hands are clean, you should check for dirty nails.  It is important to trim their nails weekly. 


It goes without saying how important it is for kids to form healthy and hygienic grooming habits. The seemingly small habits of washing hands and keeping the nails, hair, and body clean add to a healthy living. 

Kids pick up very quickly by emulating the habits and behaviour of parents.  The key to making these a part of their daily life is to practice them yourself. With some encouragement and praise, your kids will be able to follow these hygiene habits easily. The above tips are a great way to inculcate summer hygiene in your kids. Following these will help them to be clean, fresh, and germ-free this summer.