5 Ways to Make Bath Time Fun for Kids

BY Ritu Shah

23 Sep 2022

It is a tricky task to make your kids take daily baths. As much as they love to splash around with water, they dislike the structured routine of daily cleaning and bathing. With a repeated emphasis and by adding some fun elements, you can make your kids look forward to bath time.

If your kid doesn’t like to take a bath, here are 5 ways you can make it more relaxing and interesting.

  • Create a Bubble Bath

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    Kids never grow tired of bubbles. And there is more than one fun way to enjoy the bubbles.

    • Make the bath soapy enough and hand them a whisk or a bubble-blowing wand. They will love to stir up a bubble cloud.
    • Let them soak themselves in the bubbles and blow bubbles with their hands.
    • Make silly shapes and beards on their faces.
    • Give them a straw and ask them to blow bubbles under the water. 

  • Song Time

  • Rhymes and songs have a great impact on kids. For younger kids, you can turn bath time into singing their favorite songs. You can also make silly songs featuring their favourite cartoon or story characters and the fun they have while taking bath. There are many bath songs online that you can also use during this time. For older kids, you can play their favourite music while they are in the shower.


  • Bath Games

  • You can include some games if your kid is not very enthusiastic about getting in the bath. 

    • Set a time in a week for science experiments like adding food colour to bath bubbles and swirling it with a big ladle or spoon to make rainbows.
    • You can freeze little toys inside ice cubes and add them to the bathtub or bucket water. You can also add some food colour while freezing the ice cubes. They will learn about different forms of water in a fun way.
    • Teach them about the sink and float concept by using toys that sink in water like steel spoons and float in water like bath duckies.


  • Attractive Grooming Accessories

  • Sponges, loofas, and nail brushes, not only help to clean the body, but they are also great bathing accessories. They come in cute shapes and colours. 

    You can get them sponges of their favourite colour, shape, or even based on cartoon characters. To younger kids, you can give a mug which they can fill up by squeezing out the water after soaking the sponge.

    With nail brushes, you can let the child their nails gently. This will form a simple but important part of the often neglected, hand and foot hygiene


  • Cute Pyjamas or Bathrobe

  • Sometimes the attraction can also be the cute pyjamas or bathrobe that your child will get into after the bath. Get them a soft bathrobe in their favourite colour or a cute pyjama with their favourite prints. You can also set a post-bath care routine that involves them and makes it interesting. It can involve drying, combing hair, applying moisturiser, and wearing their favourite outfit or pyjamas.


    Basic Check

    Daily grooming is essential for your kids. You have to be consistent in making them bathe, wash, and clean themselves. You must also keep in mind the following points while the daily bathing routine is concerned.

    • Check the water temperature before your child starts their bath. Ensure that the water is neither too hot nor too cold. 
    • Teach them to wash every part of their body including the intimate areas.
    • Give them natural and kid-friendly body wash and shampoo. You should check out Cocomo's range of toxin-free and gentle body wash, shampoo, and moisturiser.
    • Keep the bath time at a fixed hour so there is no scope for arguments.
    • Keep an eye on the time. While soaking in the bath or frolicking under a shower for 15 - 20 minutes can be allowed once in a while, the daily bath should not exceed 5-6 minutes.
    • Always respect your child’s privacy, especially when they are growing older. Growing kids (5 years and older) can shower instead of getting in a bathtub. 

    The kids must understand the importance of being clean and taking bath. You can explain how bathing keeps them clean, smelling fresh, and free from germs will make them feel great. While they may fuss about it, being consistent and persistent will soon make them take it as a vital part of daily routine and healthy habits.