Skincare For Your School Going Kids

BY Rashmi Jalan

15 Jun 2022

It is never too late to start and establish a skincare routine for your children, especially the school-going ones. With the summer just around the corner, their skin will need particular care. But kids are not much aware or interested in looking after their skin. We have put down some handy tips on making daily skincare fun and hassle-free for your kids.

Daily Skincare Routine for your Kids

Skincare means to nourish and nurture the skin. It is different from makeup and is equally essential for both boys and girls. It involves cleaning the body, moisturizing regularly, protecting from the weather, eating healthy food, and drinking adequate water.



Bath time can be super fun - With the kids exposed to sun, dust, and pollution, bathing every day is necessary. To make it an enjoyable experience for the kids, you can follow these tips to turn bath time into a fun time.

  • Bath sponges are available in cute shapes such as animals, ice creams, and fruits. If you have a loofah, use a bright coloured one for them.
  • Look for a body wash that comes in cheerful colours. You can try Cocomo’s Face & Body Wash. Available in three exciting colours of green, orange, and purple with refreshing smells.
  • Encourage the little ones to lather by themselves with the help of a sponge or loofah. 
  • Praise them when they follow your instructions. It will help them to start bathing independently.

Moisturizing keeps the skin in good condition - During summers, kids often suffer from dry or oily skin, sunburns, and tanning. Hence, they must moisturize their skin. The best time to do it is by applying the lotion immediately after a bath. It should be used at least twice a day.

Also essential is that they put on sunscreen every time they step out of the house. Sunscreen protects them from harmful UV rays and sunburns.

However, reminding the kids to use both moisturizer and sunscreen every time can become tiring for you and a hassle for them. What if you have a lotion that does both at once? Cocomo has introduced a unique moisturizer with sunscreen in it. It is dermatologically tested and provides gentle sun protection.


Nourish the skin before going to bed  - Washing the face before going to bed is one of the most neglected skincare habits among young kids. We suggest breaking down this activity into simple steps. You can make your kids follow a simple three-step approach before they sleep:

  •  Brush your teeth
  • Wash your face 
  • Put on small spots of moisturizer on the face and hands, and rub them till the lotion disappears.

This routine would set a night grooming habit in the kids for the future.


Keep Hydrated - Ensuring that your kid is drinking enough water is a worry most parents have. Kids above 4 years of age should drink at least 4-6 glasses of water daily. Some ways to make them keep sipping water can be:

  • Buy a water bottle in the design of their favourite cartoon character or movie.
  • Try to avoid consuming cold drinks and packaged beverages as a family. Instead, offer lemonades, homemade iced tea, and fruit juices.

    Cocomo natural skin care for kids

    Use Natural and Gentle Skincare Products - The skincare market is flooded with products that have harmful chemicals. These are not made for gentle cleansing and can cause skin allergies. It is best to avoid these and use natural products that are gentle yet effective. The most suitable products for kids will be parabens and sulphate free, non-toxic, and dermatologically tested. 

    At Cocomo, we are committed to making products with natural ingredients. These products are safe for all types of skin. You can read here to know more.


    Healthy food that is delicious too - The food we eat impacts the quality of our skin. But kids usually dislike healthy food and might become attached to junk food. We have some easy tricks that you can use to pack some nutrition while not losing on taste.

    • Sneak in a veggie in their tiffin meal. Some examples are
      • Paratha with grated gourd, cauliflower, or paneer
      • Green poori made with a dough of flour and leafy vegetables
      • Small diced carrots, capsicum, and onions in the idli or dosa batter
      • Pancakes with mashed pumpkin
    • Homemade peanut butter, mayonnaise, hummus, and chutneys add some fun to the meals. These are easy to make at home, and you can customise them as per your kid’s preference. 
    • Milkshakes are healthy and fulfiling breakfast options. Just add banana, strawberry, mango, or any of their favourite fruits to milk and blend. A little chocolate sauce on top will make this your kid’s favourite too.


    As a parent, cleanliness is perhaps one of the top items in your daily reminder list for the kids. You want your kids to practice healthy and safe skincare habits. We hope that these points help make skincare an integral part of your kid's health and hygiene.