Winter Skin Care For Your Kids

BY Ritu Shah

07 Feb 2023

Winters bring a new set of challenges to parents. Along with colds, coughs, and flu, the season also affects skin and hair. 

Skincare can become a challenge in winter, especially for the young ones. Along with cold and cough, the chilly winds and dry weather can cause problems for your children's tender skin. 

Some of the common skin issues that your kid might face include:

  • Dry skin - The dry weather and cold wind make the skin lose out moisture. It makes the skin rough and itchy. Kids may also end up suffering from eczema or rosy cheeks. 
  • Chapped lips - Dry season, cold wind, and less drinking of water can cause chapped lips in kids. They also end up licking up chapped lips which can further aggravate the issue.
  • Dandruff - The dry air and washing hair with hot water can cause dry scalp and dandruff. 


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Here are some helpful ways that you can use to keep your kid from suffering from skin issues this winter. 

  • Keep the kids covered

  • Kids need to be properly covered to protect them from the dry and cold weather. Ensure they are wearing appropriately warm clothes. Their feet, hands, head, and ears should be covered when the temperature dips down. 

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  • Keep the kids hydrated

  • Kids tend to drink less water in the cold winters. However, they need to be adequately hydrated. Ensure they drink water regularly. Some ways to increase the intake of fluids are:

    • You can also offer soups, fresh coconut water, milk, hot cocoa, and warm water with lemon or cinnamon.
    • You can also give them food that boosts water in the body like fruits(oranges and strawberries), green left vegetables and oatmeal.
    • Limit their intake of processed and fried food as they draw moisture out from the body.
  • Use moisturizer daily

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    Kids also require hydration on the outside since winter makes the skin dry and rough. It is necessary that they put on moisturizer daily. Use a kid-friendly lotion and avoid applying adult creams.

    Check out Cocomo moisturizer, made for kids, is gentle on the skin, and free of harmful toxins.


  • Use sunscreen daily

  • It may counterintuitive but UV rays are equally harmful in the winter season. Do not forget to apply a layer of protective sunscreen. As in moisturizer, use sunblock lotions or creams meant for children and not adults.

    Cocomo moisturizer also contains sunscreen. It is a two-in-one solution for moisturizing your kid’s skin.


  • Change in bathing routine

  • Instead of hot or cold water, make your kids bathe in lukewarm water. It is fine if they skip bathing once in while. Ensure that they take shorter baths, at most 5 minutes. Skin experts advise gently patting dry after a bath and avoiding vigorous rubbing off.


  • Avoid overheating your home

  • The chilly winters of North India might make you blast heaters throughout the day on full. However, that might cause dryness and also breathing issues. Use a humidifier in the rooms so that there is moisture in the air.


  • Keep the lips moisturized

  • Chapped lips are common among kids and adults both. If your kid is hydrated it reduces the chance of lips getting dry and cracking. If your kid has chapped lips you can use an unscented lip balm or white petroleum jelly. You can also apply desi ghee, malai (fresh milk cream) or coconut oil.


  • Hair care

  • The head and scalp form an essential part of skincare. Dryness can make the scalp itchy and suffer from dandruff. Make the kids keep their heads covered and wash their hair with lukewarm water to reduce dandruff issues. Do not forget to oil their hair regularly and wash it with a shampoo that is safe for kids.

    Cocomo hair oil has more than 12 oils blended for wholesome nutrition to your kid’s hair. Its shampoo is gentle on the hair and cleans the scalp effectively without causing any damage.

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    Like every season, winter affects the skin and hair of your kid. Follow the tips given above to prevent dry skin, rough and itchy skin and chapped lips in your kid. Keep them covered properly, warm, and hydrated, and ensure they moisturize regularly.