Why should kids moisturize their skin every day?

BY Ritu Shah

18 May 2022

Proper skin care and moisturization are essential for all age groups because our skin is the largest organ our body has. For kids and teens, daily moisturization is crucial. These little humans are super active, playful, and are not too aware of the risks their skin is facing. 

It is vital not only to correct oil imbalance but also to protect from weather and sun. Applying moisturizer also keeps pollutants at bay and prevents skin from ageing too fast.

Importance of moisturization for kids

  • Kids love to play outdoors - Kids tend to play in the sun and dust, unmindful of the damage that the sun’s rays and pollution might be causing to their skin. Moisturizing the skin reverses this harsh effect.
  • Kids are conscious about their looks - Pre-teens and teens are increasingly fashion-conscious and imitate their peers and style icons. They start using cosmetics early on. These may make them stand out but have a harsh effect on the skin. Using a gentle moisturizer negates this harmful effect.
  • Hormonal changes may cause acne - The frequency of skin renewal goes down when a kid starts their teen years. Skin problems like acne occur due to hormonal changes in this phase. Increased sebum secretion and sweat may cause dirt-clogging of pores, especially in hot weather. Even in winters, moisturizing the skin helps in preventing issues like dryness, itchy patches, and rashes.
  • Sun’s UV Rays are harmful - Another cause for concern is the ultra-violet rays. They cause skin problems as well as tanning. The harsher the sun, the more the effect of these. So, a moisturizer with sunscreen is the best option to undo the damage.
  • Washing removes natural oils - When skin is washed, it strips the skin of natural oils, even though the cleanser is mild and gentle. Moisturizer will restore the oil balance of the skin.
  • Kids need to be hydrated - Kids and teens are always active. As a result, their bodies lose more water than adults. Drinking water keeps them hydrated internally. Good quality moisturizers help in maintaining the moisture balance in the skin. 


How to moisturize properly

Cleaning is the first step - Kids should never put moisturizer on dirty skin. Always make them wash their face, hands, and feet before applying the lotion. 

Apply it evenly on the skin - Take the required amount in your hands and spread evenly. Rub it gently till the skin absorbs it.

After a bath is the best time - The best time to put it on the entire body is immediately after they take a bath. The skin is still damp and absorbs the lotion quite well.

Never go out without it - Every time they step out of the house, make them apply sunscreen and moisturizer.

Put it on before sleeping - It is equally important that they do this before sleeping. That way the skin will not be deprived of hydration during the night.


Important factors to look for in a moisturizer for kids

  • Children’s skin is sensitive. Products that contain natural ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, and shea butter are best for them.
  • We know that you are worried about harmful substances that can go into your kid’s body. Some labels to look out in good quality and safe moisturizer are:
    • Paraben-free - Parabens are contained in most skin products and are preservatives. They irritate the skin and result in allergies since the skin is more sensitive in these growing years.
    • No sulfates - Sodium lauryl sulfate can cause skin and eye irritation and may badly affect the lungs. It can also not go well with other skincare products.
    • No formaldehyde - Preservatives that release formaldehyde protect against bacterial growth, but they are not suitable for the immune system and cause allergies and irritation.
    • Dermatologically tested - Such products are tested and certified to be safely used on the skin.
  • The lotion should be non-greasy to avoid attracting dust to the skin, clogging pores, and causing acne.
  • Moisturizers that are also sunscreens are a great bonus. Look for such products for better effectiveness and low hassle.

Moisturizing regularly is a vital part of the skincare routine. Children who develop a sense of care towards their skin will be better equipped to deal with the skin problems that may occur when they grow into adulthood.


Cocomo Moisturizer with Sunscreen for Kids

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